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Download Page for Rednecks
Episode One Script and Series Bible

The script was the overall winner of the Filmmatic Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship and winner of Best Screenplay in the Workers United Film Festival screenplay competition in New York. And received praise from various other competitions:

Very much in the same vein as David Milch’s Deadwood, there is a clear sense of attention to, detail… and without getting too hyperbolic, Rednecks feels like a southern, period-piece, capitalist centric, version of The Wire, as it explores this central business issue from so many different sides, while being uniquely American.” - WE SCREENPLAY

This is a script rich with characters I care about and conflict on every page. The writer is great at escalating tension, and the pacing allows for the proper highs and lows for characters to reflect on the action and for themes to develop. It all amounts to a well realized script that managed to entertain from the first page to the last.”  - NEW YORK CITY INTERNATIONAL SCREENPLAY COMPETITION

I personally am a big fan of this pilot script of Rednecks. There’s not only distinction in the story itself, but in the way it’s being told. The writer’s own particular voice is always present in the pages. the moment-to-moment read is a lot of fun… Without one singular glaring issue, Rednecks succeeds in wrapping me up in the original world and providing enough conflict to carry a series. After flying through these pages, I wanted to continue reading. Really that’s all that a pilot script can hope for.” - MIAMI SCREENPLAY AWARDS

I would like to applaud you for the sense of authenticity and realism you’ve brought to the script… this project is a powerful historical drama which pairs a tightly crafted survival story with a weighty emotional core... You are clearly a writer of intelligence and sophistication, so I feel that Rednecks has the makings of a unique, character-driven historical drama pilot..." - SCRIPT READER PRO

Rednecks is copyrighted and commercially sensitive material and it is important we keep track of who has had sight of it, so please complete the form below before downloading the PDF

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